Beth takes a walk in the woods - REVISED AND REMASTERED

Beth had experienced childhood in a tactical family, as did most children nowadays. The majority of the world had been at battle with itself for right around 13 years. The regions of the planet that wasn't either submerged or besieged to crap, that is. 

Beth had been fortunate being brought into the world in the general wellbeing of Cuba to the Commander and his better half, a Captain, in a highly confidential US army base. What came to be known as "The War" broke out 3 years after Beth's introduction to the world, in 2122. 

The whole of Cuba had been emptied by the UN after the radioactive spill in 2072. No one formally went to Cuba any longer. What came to be known as Fort Purgatory was set up approximately 5 years after the occurrence by the US Government to fill in as a first class preparing ground for the up and coming age of warriors, too filling in as a mysterious fortification for the Leaders of the US government in case of an emergency. 

When The War broke out, 17 nations, including every one of the nations having a place with the United Kingdom, Japan, Iraq, Iran and a few US states were diminished to smoking rubble inside 6 months. 

The Leaders of the US Government became inhabitants in Fort Purgatory a month after The War began, and are to this day. 

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